Darcie's Pics

Darcie Banfield
character artist and animator
[email protected]

Darcie has been a professional artist for over a decade. After graduating with her second degree in art in 2008, she joined the team to work on the indie success, Pox Nora. She has worked with several different teams including Sony Online Entertainment. Her specialization is 3D character art and animation, but has also done sprite animation, creature design, illustration, tech art, UI and art management. Darcie has a passion for animation and video games and is always hungry to learn new things as the industry grows.

Job Summary:

Desert Owl Games - May 2011 - Present
• Plox Neon - Art Director and Artist
• Pox Nora - Outsource manager, sprite artist, and occasional illustrator
• The Huntsman: Winter's Curse - Art director and animator
• Space Wars - 3D artist and tech artist

Kihon Games - July 2013 - December 2013
• Conquest of Champions - 3D modeling and character animation. Also took care of effects and some other tech stuff

Sony Online Entertainment - January 2009 - March 2011
• Pox Nora - Animated over 200 sprites and painted some card illustrations
• Wildlife Refuge - Animated and modeled over 100 animals
• The Agency: Covert Ops - Various art stuffs and 3D modeling

Octopi - August 2008 - January 2009
• Pox Nora - Animated sprites and painted some card illustrations

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